Day 73 We’re all in this Together

Halfway, OR to Baker City, OR via Richland

Today 55.2 miles

Total 4,060.6 miles

“If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately” Benjamin Franklin

Each day, we leave at daybreak and try to plan a breakfast stop 15 to 35 miles up the road, usually in a small town far from anywhere. The scene has become rather routine. Inside, there is usually a pleasant waitress and a cook. Invariably, we are the only customers save a table filled with 4 or 5 local men, usually past middle age (like us). These men are always friendly and our conversations have been wide ranging. Twice this week, both times after I reported that I was from New Jersey (my friend’s residences of North Carolina and Virginia don’t seem to do the trick), one of the men told us that they didn’t like outsiders telling them how to live. Today the gentleman qualified that by telling us that the outsider he most despised was the government. He went so far as to tell us that the valley was totally self sufficient, had plenty of water from the Powder River, cattle, crops, produce and the best fishing in the world and they had no need, whatsoever, for government. He went on to say that they had the guns to keep it that way. It was kind of threatening… in a friendly sort of way. We rode west out of town. Three miles down the road, we came upon the site of the 1984 “Hole-in-the-Wall” landslide which was so massive it dammed the Powder River, blocked Route 86, cut the underground phone lines and cut the town off from all points West. The bypass is a thing of beauty, three miles of macadam and two bridges, high above the undammed river . Just sayin… 

A “Beehive Burner” in the morning sun! It’s used to burn sawdust and scrap wood from sawmills!

The first climb of the day!

Mike and I are 6’4″… Charlie?

Richland was 6 miles down!

77 thoughts on “Day 73 We’re all in this Together”

  1. Good thing they didn’t find out u r a lawyer. U would have been charged, tried, convicted and sentenced all in under an hour. Firing squad. Burned at the stake. Stoning. Oregon Justice. Stay safe.

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