Day 66 Adventure Cycling

Darby, MT to Missoula,MT

Today 72.1 miles

Total 3,649.6 miles

We rode about 17 miles off route today into Missoula, Montana, home of Adventure Cycling. I’ve mentioned this organization a number of times in my previous blogs as the company that provided the maps I’ve been using since Ohio. I’ve noticed that I probably know less about cycling than any other person I’ve met on the trip. For them, Adventure Cycling is an all important stop on the Route. Had I been traveling alone, I would probably have skipped the 34 mile detour down and back. That being said, it is quite an operation. They had a beautiful lounge with free ice cream and soda and posted our pictures on their “Wall of Fame”. I was happy to have my bike weighed, with all it’s gear, in order to put to rest my suspicion that it weighs about 300 pounds at this point.

Adventure Cycling Headquarters 

My picture on the Wall of Fame!

My bike and gear weighed in at 70 pounds!

Leaving Darby this morning!

Buffalo steak dinner last night!

Chickens are everywhere!

122 thoughts on “Day 66 Adventure Cycling”

  1. Pat
    It looks as if 70 pounds is one-half of your body weight at this point. Thankfully you get to ride on it and you don’t have to carry it.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I sense a bit of longing for the end, the smell of the barn, in this post. As far as Adventure Cycling is concerned, you’ve already received your laurels and fifteen minutes of fame. But you won’t have that full pint ’til you get that last drop and roll into Astoria. (How far is Astoria from the Pacific?) Whether you’re looking for them or not, you will then be entitled to the bragging rights. As I’ve already admitted, I couldn’t have done what was demanded for more than a week.

    1. You’re right! At this point we’re all ready to get home. Astoria is on the Coast. How you actually get to the ocean is yet to be seen.

  3. 70 pounds – WOW! How did that stack up against your fellow bicyclists? I thought your ride seemed heavy. As always, enjoy the recounting. Good luck in the run to the finish. You may not want to finish as the trip itself seems so fulfilling.

  4. Hi Pat, It was great to meet you and your riding companions at the Lochsa Lodge. Jim & I enjoyed our dinner together and your tales from the road. Keep up the good work; it’s very impressive!
    BTW: Astoria is where the Columbia River dumps into the Pacific Ocean. You can dip your toes into the salt water!,+OR+97103/@46.1933983,-123.9282118,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x54937b440995fb8b:0xf7dd72f1a11b8abf!8m2!3d46.1878841!4d-123.8312534

    ALSO: If you have not yet reached Whitebird, Idaho, I recommend a stop at the grocery/souvenir/liquor store (hey, it’s Idaho!) just to the left at the bottom of the Whitebird Grade. They have great huckleberry ice cream!

    Say “Hi” to Mike & Charlie!

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