Day 65 Shakin’ in Montana

Jackson, MT to Darby, MT via Wisdom and Sula

Today 75.3 miles

Total 3,577.5 miles

I woke around midnight to a shaking bed, moving both up and down and side to side. Had I been alone in the 120+ year old Bunkhouse Hotel, I would have probably been terrified, as in, ” There ain’t no spooks”! However, there being a full house, I was pretty certain, right away, that it was an earthquake and while it wasn’t violent, it certainly got my attention! I suppose we’re still relatively close to Yellowstone, which has been experiencing a great number of quakes lately, perhaps in anticipation of the, once every 600,000 year, mega-eruption. 

The hotel was full of bikers last night. We all left at about the same time.

It was also full of signs!

The crowd of bikers filtered into a cafe in Wisdom, MT for breakfast before the climb up Chief Joseph Pass!

Pulling out of Wisdom, MT

I can’t explain this one!

The decor in the Lumberjack Saloon at the end of our ride!

114 thoughts on “Day 65 Shakin’ in Montana”

  1. We were wondering if you’d felt it. The Will Rogers quote is one with which I am unfamiliar, but it surpasses many of more familiar ones. Wisdom, MT. Is that anywhere close to Gruesome?

    How much did a room at the Wisdom Hotel set you back. Talk about picturesque.

    1. I got a private room, no window and shared bath for $75. Otherwise it was upstairs in the bunkhouse. The place was actually very nice and clean inside!

  2. Hi Patrick, I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been following your blog and love your writing and all the amazing photos. Who knew this country was so full of so many beautiful sights?

    Stay well and safe.

  3. Hope those chain saws don’t fall anyone eating a meal! Love all your stories and photos. We read your blog daily before dinner. I know you want to finish soon but we will miss your tales. Allison has done great in your absence — held down the homefront well but I know she wants you home too.

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