Day 64 Wild Flowers

Twin Bridges, MT to Jackson, MT via Dillon.

Today 76.1 miles

Total 3,502.2 miles

I’ve posted pictures of some of the wild flowers I’ve encountered along the way. For sheer number and variety, Montana is in a class by itself. I could stop every 5 minutes and take a picture of a different flower, but each time I stop, I drop about 200 yards behind my friends and catching up can be a challenge. I’ve found that sprints are taxing. A constant cadence is the key to long distance biking so I’ll post those I can take while we’re stopped. Trust me, they’re all beautiful.

Heading down into another Montana Valley!

Lodging for the night. It’s also the Post Office, which explains the Post Office boxes out front.

The Hotel mascot!

Our first view of the Bitterroots!

61 thoughts on “Day 64 Wild Flowers”

  1. Hi Pat – Basically just “binge read” your amazing journey. Thank you so much for sharing. Your perseverance, eloquence and humor are all inspiring. I can’t believe how close you are to your finish line. Well done.

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