Day 46 & 47 Hard Working Immigrants and Drunk Cowboys

Scott City, KS to Eads, CO via Leoti, KS and Tribune, KS, then

Eads, CO to Ordway, CO via nowhere

Day 46 104.7 miles

Day 47 62.7 miles

Total 2,487.2 miles

One of the interesting aspects of a ride like this is the people you encounter, often in the most out of the way places. Yesterday, I met Mr. Patel and his wife who own an old motel in a forgotten corner of Colorado known as Eads. It’s the only show for 50 miles around, in a town that is hanging on by the thinnest of threads. We arrived after 104.6 miles, in 101 heat, to find the place locked. We asked the owner of a tiny restaurant next door whether the motel was closed and she said no, he’d be back, but he was a one man show who did all the booking, cleaning, repairs, etc. by himself. Sure enough in 15 minutes there he was, gave me a room for $40 and couldn’t have been nicer. The place was dated, in the extreme, but was clean and tidy and had a working air conditioner. It is a testament to man’s endurance that such a man would come halfway around the world to eek out a living in this dusty town on the edge of oblivion. In Ordway today, I struck up a conversation with an ex rodeo rider who regaled me with his tale of having been arrested for drunk horse riding. He insisted he was just heading home, admitted he was drunk, and found it humorous that he had had his drivers license revoked when he wasn’t “driving” he was “riding”. Again a testament to man’s endurance…of nonsense.

Mr. Patel’s Motel!

Every bike rider takes this picture!

We left before dawn on Day 46. This is 10 miles later!

Bikers breakfast Day 47

The shadow on the horizon is our first sighting of the Rockies!

There was nothing for 60 miles but this soda machine. I risked $1.75…jackpot!

81 thoughts on “Day 46 & 47 Hard Working Immigrants and Drunk Cowboys”

  1. Pat, I am enjoying your daily posts and pictures. What a wonderful Adventure and I am sure life changing. Can’t wait until you are back and can hear more about it in person.

    Keep up the inspiration! Lora Northen.

  2. wow it seems that the BOTS have invaded my old guys blog…even in the middle of nowhere !!
    Anyone who has ever had more than a passing conversation with my husband is aware of his reverence of Lincoln. In honor of Fathers Day I think one of his favorite quotes ( typed out in bold and framed for our sons one Christmas ) ” Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is and the tree the real thing” A fitting tribute to the man who casts a long shadow and stands tall and firm in his loyalty and conviction . He turned boys into good men, a daughter into a loving women and remains my rock of steady moral conscious . I spin like a top in a thousand directions with a thousand people, but always under his smiling eye. Happy Fathers Day . Be well, and as my brother said when you left..come home safe we need our leader..
    aka The Flower

  3. Eads is in Colorado, not Kansas, but of the four corners of our state, it is undoubtedly the most forgotten. Even the Southwestern Navajo-controlled “Four Corners” area has more visitors. See you in a few.

    1. Most times I don’t know where I was yesterday or will be tomorrow, but where I’m at now…for Pete’s sake I’ve been away a long time.

  4. Wow Pat you have hit our beautiful state! I am so glad you will be able to have some bro-time in our wonderful mountains. They are very green and still have some snow…..and much cooler from the plains you just rode out of!

    Happy belated Father’s Day! Love to Allison, Cait, and Tim!


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